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      As a rubber hose supplier,Orient provides a range of services that will help you determine which rubber hose to buy and what to do if you experience any problems.Our team of 22 after-sales staff are friendly and experienced in providing you the answers you need.

    • Consultation and Answer

    1. 1.Answer customers questions:For any questions you may have about Orient,our rubber and plastic hoses,or our services,our sales staff will respond via phone or email in a timely manner with your answer.

    2. 2.Technical guidance:Based on your technical requirements and product usage,we’ll help you find the best solutions for your needs.

    3. 3.Product recommendation:With our wide range of rubber and plastic products,we can recommend several options for customers based on their need,environment,quantity,and other considerations.We can also work to provide customized products.

    4. 4.Design drawings:We custom design drawings for products based on your technical requirements.

    5. Calculate the quotation:Before purchasing,we’ll send you a quote based on your quantity and materials.

    • Packaging and Transportation

    1. 1.Delivery date:We have a 35 days delivery cycle for most industrial rubber hose orders,If you request a customized hose or tubing or if you have a large-quantity purchase,the delivery cycle will be extended 10-20 days.

    2. 2.Order-tracking:We send specialized personnel tracking orders after you place an order.

    3. 3.Product packaging:We use PP woven fabric,non-woven fabric,wooden boxes,pallets and other material for packing.We can also customize special packaging according to customer requirements.

    4. 4.Product transportation:Choose your preferred mode of transportation-by sea,railway,air,truck or sea-railway.Products are first shipped to Qiangdao or Tianjin Port,and shipped elsewhere from there.

    • After-Sales Service

    1. 1.Warranty period:We offer a 1-year warranty where we will replace products with any quality problems for free.If a problem of quality beyond the warranty period arises,we will negotiate with you to reduce your loss.

    2. 2.We follow up with our customers with e-mail or phone to hear how you like and use the product and resolve any questions or problems you may have at that time.

    3. 3.If you encounter any problems during operations,please contact us.We will help you analyze the problems and replace the product if necessary. One-Stop Service We want to be your one-stop service for industrial hoses,so we make a wide range of rubber hoses,PVC hoses,thermoplastic hoses,rubber plates,conveyor belts,and triangular belts,and help our customers buy accessories such as a hydraulic hose joint,fast connector,clamp,and jacket.For our overseas wholesalers and dealers,we can provide everything you need to keep in stock. With first-rate quality products and comprehensive services,Orient offers customers the only choice for industrial plastic and rubber hoses.