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    High Pressure Steel Wire Spiral Hose

    The high pressure steel wire spiral hose is mainly composed of inner rubber layer, middle rubber layer, 2,  4 or 6 steel wire winding reinforced layers and outer rubber layer. The inner rubber layer has the effect of keeping the conveying medium under pressure and protecting the steel wire from erosion. The outer layer protects the steel wire from damage, and the steel wire layer (φ0.3--2.0 reinforcement wire) layer is the reinforcing effect of the skeleton material.

    High Pressure Steel Wire Spiral Hose Structure:

    Inner tube: Oil resistant synthetic rubber.

    Reinforcement: Steel wire reinforcement

    Cover: Oil and ageing resistant synthetic rubber.

    Working temperature: From -40℃ to +100℃

    Applications: Be suitable to carry hydraulic fluids, such as glycol, mineral oils, emulsion, hydrocarbons, etc.

    四层钢丝缠绕 (19).jpg

    High Pressure Steel Wire Spiral Hose Features:

    ● Hose special selection made with synthetic rubber with excellent oil resistance, heat aging resistance.

    ● Hose high pressure, pulse performance.

    ● Tube tightly, use a soft, small deformation under pressure.

    ● Hose has excellent resistance around the song and fatigue resistance.

    ● Weaving, winding hose length, can be even up to ten meters or even one hundred meters or more.

    High Pressure Steel Wire Spiral Hose Advantage:

    ● Selection of synthetic rubber hose with special made, with excellent oil resistance, heat resistance, anti-aging properties.

    ● Hose for the high-pressure and superior pulse properties.

    ● Hose combination of close,use soft,small defomation under pressure.

    High Pressure Steel Wire Spiral Hose Application:

    ● The high pressure hose is mainly used for Mine hydraulic support ,oilfield exploitation ,object construction ,lifting transport ,metallurgic forging ,mine equipment, ship, injection molding machinery,agricultural machinery , all kinds of machine tools and various industrial sectors.

    ● Machanization and automation in the hydraulic system of conveying with a certain pressure(high pressure) and the temperature of the oil-based(such as mineral oil, soluble oil, hydraulic oil, fuel oil and lubricants) and water-based liquid (such as Emulsion, the oil-water emulsion, water) and liquid transmission used.The maximum working pressure-resistant up to 70-100MPa.