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    How to choose the right hydraulic hose?

    Hydraulic hose is generally divided into wire braided hydraulic hose and wire winding hydraulic hose. Hydraulic hose is mainly composed of liquid-resistant inner glue layer, medium glue layer, 2 or 4 or 6 layers of wire winding enhancement layer, outer glue layer has the effect of making the conveying medium under pressure, protecting the wire from erosion, the outer glue layer protects the wire from damage, the wire layer is the skeleton material to enhance the role.

    Hydraulic hose is mainly used in mine hydraulic support, oil field mining, suitable for engineering construction, lifting transport, metallurgical forging, mining equipment, ships, injection molding machinery, agricultural machinery, various machine tools and various industrial sectors mechanized, automated hydraulic system transmission of oil-based (such as mineral oil, soluble oil) , hydraulic oil, fuel, lubricants) and water-based liquids (e.g. emulsion, oil and water emulsion, water) and liquid transmission, up to 60MPa.

    There are several elements to note when selecting hydraulic hoses:


    1. Hose size

    Choosing the wrong size can result in loss of pressure and excessive heat. Dashes represent one-sixth of an inch of size and coupling, making measurements easy to remember.

    Although the outer diameter of the hose does not affect pressure and heat, it is still an important factor when the hose is tight.

    2. Temperature

    The fluid temperature and the ambient temperature should be considered. Fluid temperatures, whether high estors or minimums, should be kept within a reasonable range. When the fluid is well above or below the specified operating temperature, the tube will degrade significantly.

    The ambient temperature is also related to the service life of the hose, especially the covering and the life of the reinforced parts. Once the lid is not available and the reinforcement is exposed to the environment, the life of the hose may be shortened.


    Understanding the application area is very helpful for the choice of hydraulic hoses. You can ask yourself or the customer some questions, such as where the hoses are used.


    Media include oil, hydraulic oil and special chemicals that come into direct contact with the hose. You must ensure that the hoses are fluid-compatible or the hoses will fail for a short period of time and cause unnecessary accidents.


    Make sure that the operating pressure never exceeds the maximum pressure of the hose. Extending the working time of the hose at its maximum pressure is harmful to the hose.

    6. End or Fitting

    The connectors of the hydraulic hoses are not interchangeable. Improper coupling also shortens service life. Consult the manufacturer for the appropriate coupling.


    After determining the diameter of the tube, refer to the chart to determine the fluid rate and speed.