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    Basic structure of hydraulic hose

    Hydraulic hose is composed of at least three parts, liquid-resistant inner glue layer, medium glue layer, 2 or 4 or 6 layers of wire winding reinforced layer, external glue layer, the inner glue layer has the role of making the conveying medium under pressure, protect the wire from erosion, the outer glue layer protects the wire from damage, the wire layer is the skeleton material to enhance the role.


    1. Inner tube

    The inner tube is soft and durable. Common materials used to make the tube are synthetic rubber, thermoplastics and PTFE. It is suitable for most oil-based and water-based hydraulic oils. If the tube reacts with the liquid, the hose will be vulnerable to leakage or accident hazard. If you are unsure of the relationship between the test tube and the liquid to be transported, please contact us and we will contact you as soon as possible.

    2. Reinforcement

    The hose reinforcement layer is the sheath used to protect the hose. It can be a multi-layered woven textile, wire or spiral winding wire. It can support different levels of stress depending on your app. Textile-enhanced materials, whether single or double, are ideal for compact wiring and low-pressure systems such as return oil and suction systems. Weaving and helix are commonly used at higher operating pressures. If the system has strict requirements for pulse fatigue, helix enhancement is preferred.

    3. Outside Cover

    Cover is the first barrier to guard the hose. It is usually made of abrasion and weather proof synthetic rubber to resist oils, chemicals, ozone and other adverse factors from outside environment.